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MY FRIEND’S NEW BLOG – Post: The Power of Love

Originally posted on New Life:
What does it mean to be loved? What is love? This is some of the questions I ask myself when I think about what Jesus said to love your neighbor. First of all, let us define what love means. Love in my definition means an unselfish act of loyalty and…


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The strange life of a Jords (A Question Tag)

Yello muffins! Welcome to a life update with your host, Jords! Today we’re going to a scary, unpredictable, previously undisturbed region  unexplored by even the most daring of adventureres: the Jordan Mind. I’ve been up to an elephant load of craziness lately, from traveling to Ireland, home of leprachauns, redheads, and JordsLove, to applying for a job… Continue reading The strange life of a Jords (A Question Tag)

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Adorkable (and every other cute adjective in the English Language)

Adorkable <adoor cab ull> [noun] A person or object who is adorable and also a dork or are doing something that is geekish to make them adorable. THE SWEETEST CUTEST BOOK IN HUMAN HISTORY Slap  on those three inch horn rimmed glasses and slide into the latest Harry Potter sweater cause Adorkable is bringing geek back.… Continue reading Adorkable (and every other cute adjective in the English Language)

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Hleo (aka my new favorite book) *cue fangirling*

I have two words for you. Two words. Um. Yes. Where do I even start with this book? I finished it and immediately furiously scrolled through my blog, amazon, and goodreads accounts on it to find out when the next book is being published and CANNOT FIND IT. This is unnacceptable readerlings. I’m addicted. Hooked.… Continue reading Hleo (aka my new favorite book) *cue fangirling*

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Obscure Instrument Problems (from one bookworm musician to another)

My mijwiz came in yesterday and…. let me tell you, I am channeling my inner Elsa today because readerlings I can only make 3 notes on the mijwiz and I am supremely depressed and considering building myself an ice castle in the north Georgia mountains. And never coming out. *Crying*. You ever have unrealistic expectations?… Continue reading Obscure Instrument Problems (from one bookworm musician to another)

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Bookworms the release date for Immortal Descendants book 4 is only 2 days away . Uhum this bookishgobblersquishy is dying because ITS THE BEST SERIES EVER ❤ ❤ ❤ (seriously though. you must read it. I command you to) Isn’t the cover gorgeous? *melts* *like chocolate* *inthesuncauseitssocute* *FANGIRLING* I love this series so so so so… Continue reading AHHHHHH BOOK FOUR IMMORTAL DESCENDANTS

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Reader’s Confession Tag :)

🙂 HELLO ladies and booklovers, let’s jump right in to today’s tag: the reader’s confession tag. To be perfectly honest I am super scared to do this because OMG what book snuggler wants to admit damaging perfect glorious inked pages? But I’m guilty too so here I go. *covers eyes* this is like riding a… Continue reading Reader’s Confession Tag 🙂