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Obscure Instrument Problems (from one bookworm musician to another)

Obscure Instruments #2 (black)

My mijwiz came in yesterday and…. let me tell you, dude am I channeling my inner Elsa today because readerlings I can only make 3 notes and I am supremely depressed and considering building myself an ice castle in the north Georgia mountains. And never coming out.

*Crying*. You ever have unrealistic expectations? Like when you meet that super cute guy in line for the GF non GMO organic rice pasta? And then you find out he’s actually secretly Scar from the Lion King? Arg well that’s how I feel about this mijwiz.

Humphadoodle. A mijwiz is this Jordanian (its actually a shared thing between Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria and at the moment I’m not sure who had it first so us Jordans gotta stick together fluffy peeps) super cool sounding instrument that’s like a mix between a bagpipe and an accordion (it sounds weird but its actually like alien cheesecake icecream; it looks weird but once you try it your hooked) except in woodwind form and I just wanna squish it and hug it and name it ‘Mijwey’, but the first one was seriously more broke than me and we had to send it back. Which I was sad about but we reordered (thank you Amzaon! <3). And we got the next one in the mail, and it turns out you have to be like a literal ninja to be able to play it. And while this bookworm is pretty speedy (especially when parked in the fifteen minutes spot at the library), I’m not *sadly* a ninja.**

**Sidenote: Wouldn’t being a ninja be *so* awesome? I mean YAS #spiderjords


The scoop (not of icecream, sorry :D):

The instrument requires Barry Allen style speed to cover the holes as quickly as needed to make a decent song- and that’s another thing! ARGH there’s no music, or instructions, or anything! There’s the Wikipedia article detailing how to make it, and there’s the videos of mijwiz-ninjas, but there isn’t a ‘Mijwiz for dummies’ (*sheepishly looks at socks* I may or may not have looked for that :D) video or book out there amongst the wide welcoming shelves of the internet library. Fellow bookworms, an injustice has occurred. Mijwiz beginners around the world should stage a revolt against mijwiz obscurity.

It’s just so gorgeous sounding and I was so excited. Well, I shall continue to practice, and perhaps someday (in a galazy far far away *starwars music*) I will join the mijninjas.

Keep rooting for me bookworms! I’ll keep trying 🙂

Comment Below 🙂 : What instruments do you play or have tried to play? 

Love you all so much, have a great day!






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