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Adorkable (and every other cute adjective in the English Language)

Adorkable <adoor cab ull> [noun]

  1. A person or object who is adorable and also a dork or are doing something that is geekish to make them adorable.

Slap  on those three inch horn rimmed glasses and slide into the latest Harry Potter sweater cause Adorkable is bringing geek back.

You’ve heard of the classic dressy, preppy, and sporty clothing staples to fill that already way-too-full (does such a thing exist?) closet – well, NO MORE. Harry Potter hippogriff slippers and a nice big Trekkie Tee are all you need to be “in” for this season. And the next 40. After reading this book you’ll want to march your fuzzy sweats and blueberry sweater right down to the Walmart with me and buy as much geeky, oversized, adorkable clothing as your overflowing bookish heart desires. That’s how good this book is.

It was so good I broke down the plot into manageable steps so the ordinary book lover can achieve a romance as beautiful as Sal and Becks, and I have included the adorkable checklist below for those brave enough to look.

WARNING: The checklist you are about to view is not made for mere mortals as it concerns Adorkable levels beyond safety regulations. All research it is based on facts <insert sciency word here> and factical fact facts. And < insert more brilliant important stuff here> facts.

Steps to having a happily ever after as awesome as Sal and Becks:

  1. Be a supremely adorkable geeky girl with a love for books   (CHECK)
  2. Hang with a crazy wacky witty best friend you love to death     (DOUBLE CHECK)
  3. Work at a library   (TRIPLE CHECK WITH CRANBERRIES)
  4. Have a lifelong guy friend to fall in love with  (whale heheaaam. I’ll think of something)
  5. Be awesome at football (shoot that um… goalie guy?)
  6. Fly away into the distance with said lifelong guy friend and get married and love each other forever the end HEA for all  (Oh yeah baby. its gonna happen. Totally. I can dream.)


SO as you all can see from my diabolically brilliant check list, I am a master of the adorkableness formula.

And so is Cookie O’Gorman, the writer of Adorkable.

Mrs. O’Gorman tells a tale of so much depth, passion, joy, and epically geeky relatable love, that you fall in love with not just Becks and Sal, but all of the characters because they’re all just wonderful. Except maybe Ash. He needs to move to Antarctica and freeze in a yurt and think about the terrible awful couple-breaking-up human he is  But I digress.

Aside from Ash, the entire book cast is just so much fun. And Sal and Becks are the most insanely adorkable couple ever. You want a cute summer read? COOKIE O’GORMAN. You want laughter till your crying? COOKIE O’GORMAN. You want…. ugh it just has everything. Yup. It’s literally got everything you will ever need want or think of.

She has humor, romance, family drama, best friends, one liners, and some serious soccer playing.

But the best part is that the book is so funny, even though it’s wrapped around a hardcore theme. I laughed so much I about died, and giggled and snorted, and stood there waiting to get the dry witty humor.

I can’t reccomend this book highly enough. It is so darn cute! I hope you go and read it right now, it is awesome. 🙂


Adorkable is three (incredibly worth it) dollars on Amazon. Or you can get it free with the kindle unlimited if you’ve got that.

I love you all!

Ciao for now,

LadyLit (Jordan)









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