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Howdy Viewer!

Thanks for checking out my little blog- there’s lots of us out there so I feel super honored. (curtsying) If you’re a book nerd like me then this is the place for you: hundreds of books just waiting to be read and looked at on virtual shelves. Us readers are a creative lot, so if you see something that could look better, please let me know and I’ll take a look into it.

Have fun looking around 🙂

Happy reading!

Lady Literature

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hujambo (if you don’t mind my borrowing the word), Jordan! Based on your Top Books List, you’re an eclectic reader.

    I just snagged a Kindle Press publishing contract for my new book, Take the Body and Run, through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. The book is about a hunted woman hiding under a dead friend’s identity, a handsome lawman, a death doctor with fart machine-will travel, and a cranky cat with a nose for crime.

    I’d love it if you could put it on your to-be-read list. I can provide the book in your desired format. Here’s the link to the Kindle Scout profile. The campaign has closed, but the profile includes the cover, description, and the beginning of the book.


    Thank you!



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