My Polite Policies For Reviewing

Hello to YOU, the beautiful book writers, indie authors, and short story creators behind that screen. 🙂 Thank you for thinking of my humble little blog when you reached out for reviews, it means the world to me. I ask a few things in the books I review, simply because of the sheer quantity of authors out there and all of the genres there are to read. But, if you don’t fit my little bubble, check out some of the great blogs on my ‘Other Review Site’ tab, and maybe they can fix you up.

Would Love To Review Your: 

– Young Adult Fiction

– Fantasy and Adventure

– Dystopian

– Historical Fiction (nothing with witches, please)

– Christian Fiction

– Romance

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Christian Romance
  • Modern Romance
  • Other Romance

Please: I am still a young adult, and I am unable to and uninterested in reading books with adult explicit romantic situations.

Cannot Review Your:

– Adult fiction

– Erotic/Unclean romance

– Nonhuman (Protagonists are Mice, Cats, Dogs)

– Horror

– Nonfiction


An Important Note:

LadyLiterature Reviews is run and read by a young adult audience. I won’t be able to accept books that include: a large quantity of language, sexual content, storylines based around dark arts (ex: wicca, voodoo), teenagers engaging in underage drinking, smoking, or drug use, or other inappropriate themes.

For Advance Reader’s Copies (ARCs):

I would be honored to read your ARC and review it. If the only format you have it in is a PDF or Word document, I’ll see what I can do. However, please know that this will make it more difficult.

What I Do For Reviews:

I include the cover of the book, the author’s name, a link to buy the book, and the book synopsis. I also include a copy of the review on Goodreads and if asked, Amazon.


I Rate Books on a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ System:

YES: I fell in love. This book was well written, well edited, had characters I adored, and a storyline that is well thought out and hole free. If books were friends we are BFFs.

Yes: This book was excellent, and I definitely recommend it. It was high quality reading, and above parr on writing and editing. It may have had a few lulls, plot holes, or character development issues, but overall it stood out and was worth every second spent reading it.

NO: This book has inappropriate content, was poorly written, or had an uninteresting protagonist/storyline. I may not have finished it, and I cannot and don’t recommend it.

No: This book was below average, or contained too much language/etc to recommend. I didn’t enjoy it, and won’t reread it.


Thank you for reading and following my policies.