Other Review Sites

Those daring bloggers that choose to stand apart from the crowd and wear their blogging capes of honor proudly, are all awesome, and have so much bookish brilliance to give! Here’s a list of my friends and fellow blogger’s blogs, so you can go and check out the magic 🙂

Becky's Book ReviewsBecky’s Reviews

Becky’s reviews is great for anything and everything classic literature. You need to know what the good parts of Moby Dick are? Brush up on your man Shakespeare? Know what Horton hears in Horton Hears a Who? Well heres the blog for you! 🙂

Bookpage Reviews 

Bookpage Reviews gives the highs and lows of books that are in a variety of different genres. Niches, secrets, hidden things you have to think about. And tons and tons of content to browse through. Go check em out!

For The Bookish For the Bookish

Emily at For The Bookish is the sweetest most darling woman you will ever meet- internet side or in real life. She does fabulous reviews of modern books, and she’s always on YOU, the bookworm’s, side. If there’s something you (hello beautiful bookworms!) won’t like about the book, she’s your trustworthy source for all info bookish.

ThTheBookOwle Book Owl

Madi at The Book Owl is super cool, and a real inspiration as a writer and blogger. She posts content a few times a week, and she has some awesome stories she’s put out there that you HAVE to check out.


A Bookish Flower

A Bookish Flower

Izel at A Bookish Flower is hilarious and posts veggie related content that will blow your bookworm mind. She has weekly posts about all things bookish and wonderful and you’ll be laughing so hard you cry the whole time 🙂



Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination is a strong ongoing blog with TONS of great tips about starting up a book blog, what to do for summer as a bookworm, cool books, and anything blog/book related :). So pop in for a world of Pure Imagination (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it)



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