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Obscure Instrument Problems (from one bookworm musician to another)

My mijwiz came in yesterday and…. let me tell you, I am channeling my inner Elsa today because readerlings I can only make 3 notes on the mijwiz and I am supremely depressed and considering building myself an ice castle in the north Georgia mountains. And never coming out. *Crying*. You ever have unrealistic expectations?… Continue reading Obscure Instrument Problems (from one bookworm musician to another)

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Bookworms the release date for Immortal Descendants book 4 is only 2 days away . Uhum this bookishgobblersquishy is dying because ITS THE BEST SERIES EVER ❤ ❤ ❤ (seriously though. you must read it. I command you to) Isn’t the cover gorgeous? *melts* *like chocolate* *inthesuncauseitssocute* *FANGIRLING* I love this series so so so so… Continue reading AHHHHHH BOOK FOUR IMMORTAL DESCENDANTS

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Reader’s Confession Tag :)

🙂 HELLO ladies and booklovers, let’s jump right in to today’s tag: the reader’s confession tag. To be perfectly honest I am super scared to do this because OMG what book snuggler wants to admit damaging perfect glorious inked pages? But I’m guilty too so here I go. *covers eyes* this is like riding a… Continue reading Reader’s Confession Tag 🙂

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Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises

Hello there pumpkin spice and everything nice readers! Its WINTER (wohooooo 🙂 *buries under 17 layers of covers*) Two days ago my brother (HEY P.T!) came home with a bookseries called the “Seven Wonders” and since its ya know a younger middle school//elementary age book I was like: “I’m good I’ve got plenty to read,”… Continue reading Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises

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Currently and other fun things

Hello there gorgeous lovelies! Welcome back to the crazy pinwheel of blogdom, that space in the universe which everyone loves but can’t define cause WE’RE JUST TOO AWESOME. (haha haha…. uhhh we think) SO A LIST (mwahahaha lishts are the besht thinghs ever) Currently Listening To OK OK. I know you aren’t supposed to start… Continue reading Currently and other fun things