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Hujambo everyone! (that’s hello in Swahili :))

A big warm book hug to all of my fellow readers looking at this. YOU’RE WONDERFUL. My name is Lady Literature, and I am an online reviewer and blogger.

Some stuff about me…. hmm.

I am a teenage book lover who loves and lives to read and write. I’m a Christian. I like wonky things like Alien Cheesecake Icecream which was at one time sold at Baskin Robbins and now isn’t much to my dismay. I work for a library. And some of my favorite genres to read about are romance, and fantasy. I also enjoy eating cookies, listening to rain, and keeping a journal.

Enjoy the rest of the blog!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I’m an indie author I’m NOT looking for a review or interview, but I am running a rafflecopter giveaway and was wondering if you think about offering them on your site (you can plug it in with the code below). Some bloggers choose to because it increases the value to their readers, but many don’t for a number of reasons. Either way, I just thought I’d ask if you’d run this one. Keep up with what you’re doing, it looks great!

    a Rafflecopter giveawayhttps://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js


  2. Hello Matt!
    Thank you mightily for the sweet compliments on the site 🙂 I love to hear from viewers about what they like – it helps me so much to improve my content and stay in touch with my site community. 😀
    I’ve wanted to host a rafflecopter on my site, but I (very sadly) still (still) have a free wordpress.com website which doesn’t allow giveaway widgets. Giveaway widgets are now grouped with the large collection of other widgets I’ve tried unsuccessfully to download over the years that end up amidst a pile of tissues and unforgotten but depressingly unachievable dreams. I researched ways to do a giveaway without a widget and I’ll be using your giveaway through a link in a post, so rest assured that I will definitely take advantage of the fabulous opportunity you’ve given me. 🙂

    Also on another note, I would be completely and absolutely honored to interview you or to review your work. I went onto Amazon to order your novel ‘Dane Curse’ because it looked supremely excellent with strawberries on top (wonderful name, by the way!), and I ran into some internet troubles. BUT, I promise that once I go and whack the router a couple times and get everything set back up I will be sure to order it 🙂


  3. Hi
    I lived with a Somali girl for a year – I still miss hearing ‘Hujambo’ anyway –
    My name is Michael Ross and I am a published author with Limitless Publishing. After releasing short story anthologies and the first of my Out Of Hand thriller series, I have changed direction slightly. On July 26th I have a light hearted romance being published. Entitled Chasing What’s Already Gone it is a humorous love story from a male perspective.
    Although I live in the UK I’m blessed with an editor based in the US who, although she specialises in thrillers, thinks this novel has wide appeal. I am wondering if I forwarded you an advanced copy of the book whether you would consider reviewing it?
    Thank you for your time
    Best wishes


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