Swashbuckling Tales Still To Read

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My great huge mega big mammoth (running out of big words) gargantuan need-to-read-right-this-very-minute-but-don’t-have-time-dang-it list



Wuthering heights (Emily Bronte)

The martian chronicles (Ray Bradbury)

The tales of beedle the bard (J.K Rowling)

The stolen princess (Katherine Wilson)

Uglies #1 (Scott Westerfield)

Lord of the rings (J.R.R Tolkien)

My life at the M.B.R.C (K.M Shea)

Blue eyes and other teenage hazards (Janette Rallison)

Isle of swords (Wayne Batson)

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

The Iron Butterfly (Chanda Hahn)

The Iron Fey (Julie Kagawa)

The healer’s apprentice: Hagenheim #1 (Melanie Dickerson)

Waterfall: River of time (Lisa Bergren)

The huntress of Thornbeck forest: Medieval Fairytale Romance (Melanie Dickerson)

More than Jamie Baker (Kelly Oram)

If we were a movie (Kelly Oram)

Joni Underway (Kelly Oram)

Supernaturals #4 (AHHHHHHHHHHH LOOKS SO GOOD) (Kelly Oram)**

[**Sidenote: yes I’m obsessed with Kelly Oram. yes I’m in love with her writing, her characters, and her snickerdlywonderful plots. 😀 Go read Supernaturals. Then come and talk to me.]

Caleb + Kate (Cindy Coloma)

Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK (Betsy St. Amant)

The help (Kathryn Stockett)

Pollyanna (Eleanor H. Porter)

MissMatch: Lauren Holbrook #1 (Erynn Mangum)

Flight of the eagles: seven sleepers #1 (Gilbert L. Morris)

Dauntless: Valiant Hearts #1 (Dina L. Sleiman)

Just one summer (Jenny B. Jones)

Save the date (Jenny B. Jones)

There you’ll find me (Jenny B. Jones)**

[**Sidenote: :D…. maybe a wee bit obsessed with her too. You know what, I’m not explaining this one. I’m a nice little loyal author-loving bookworm and you can stop rolling your eyes at my author crazed tendencies. I have OAD (obsessive author disorder). So there!]

The winter letter (Dustan Stanley)

The sisterhood of the traveling pants: Sisterhood, #1 (Ann Brashares)

Sketchy Behavior (Erynn Mangum)

Chop Chop (L.N Cronk)

Ireland: Notes from a spinning planet #1 (Melody Carlson)

Hello, goodbye, and everything in between (Jennifer E. Smith)

The geography of you and me (Jennifer E. Smith)

This is what happy looks like (Jennifer E. Smith)

Happy Again (Jennifer E. Smith)

You are here (Jennifer E. Smith)**

[**Sidenote: I know you’re thinking it.]

P.S I love you (Cecelia Ahern)

Andrea and the 5 day challenge (Cindy K. Green)

Playing the field (Janette  Rallison)

It’s a mall world after all (Janette Rallison)








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