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Hey Ya’ll!- Here’s Mike Ross’s CWAG

Cover of Chasing What’s Already Gone (CWAG)

What’s up muffins? Yup, that’s you.

So a short update before I launch into the review – I have been FLOODED, and I’m talking like a noreaster, with requests for reviews. Ever since I opened up a place to contact me, people jumped on the ladylit train hairy heads first, which is encouraging but also super scary. Counted all up it was 15 requests in the last 3 weeks or so, and I was in way way over my poor head. It sent my email into fits and she is still having a temper tantrum, so keep her in your well wishes.

Also, just because of the weirdness factor, which is a big fat 10 out of 10, I figured I’d share. I had people asking for reviews for a book on Wicca, a horror novel, a witch in the Salem witch trials, a book centered around rats, and many others along the same lines. You with me?, cause that kind of weirded me out. SO, I posted a review requirement list here under a new tab. Thanks ya’ll for being patient with me as I sweep these requests out the door politely.

Without further ado – CWAG.

Guys, guys. Let’s huddle up, please. So… I may or may not admit to this being one of the books I didn’t finish.

*Collective gasp of shock and outrage*

I have some legit reasons, so hang on to your flowery tees.

  1. This book was about love outside of wedlock.
  2. It involved a married man who witnessed his wife not being faithful.
  3. He and she were planning on divorcing and he was pursuing another woman when I finally put the book down and had to call it quits.

As you can see, I can’t support the book, simply because of my values. However, I can brag about the author, because he did a great job with the writing, and as a person, I really respect him, and thought he was funny.

Mr. Mike Ross can write, really write. He has an excellent sense of voice and timing, and his dialogue was great. He also had a crafted story, one that was thought out and medium paced, so it kept the reader interest.

If he had another book geared for teens, I would absolutely check it out. But I have to be honest in these reviews, and this one wasn’t a teen book by any stretch. I knew going in it was about 30 year olds, I just didn’t understand the themes in it.

So, I have to give this one a no if you’re a teen, preteen, or overexcited middle schooler who thinks they’re a teen. It simply isn’t appropriate.

BUT I do want to tell you to think about his books if you see a teen one. His writing is great, so keep him in your thoughts when looking for a good book. And thank you so much to Mike Ross again for sending me this book to review, and for your awesome personality, which I am very much thankful is in this world. You rock, Mr. Ross.

Thank you,

Jordan (Ladylit)






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