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Fictional Monthly – extra extra squeal all about it

Hey guys!

I’m trying this fantastilicious new thing (NEW STUFF!!!! Partaay) with a favorite reading snack of the month.

I know I know….. I’m brilliant.

This month’s scrumptious snack is-

Four: IS IT CAKE????!!!

Me: Four? Um, no it isn’t cake, sorry.

Four: So its cake.

Me: No, sorry, not cake.

Four: But CAKE

*DRUMROLL PLEASE* is hot chocolate and cookies. Unhealthy, sweet, warm, and chocolaty, hot chocolate and cookies are all things Christmas. I love the Christmas spirit and the warm feeling that’s in the air during December with all the trees and lights and tinsel. Ooooh and the mistletoe, the ever wonderful plot device in romantic books (AKA the sneak-a-kiss tactic). My favorite snacks this time of year are warm and festive to fight the chilly weather outside. And if they happen to be cookies…. well, that’s just a bonus. Tis the season to pop a few buttons, no?

My favorite kind of cookies to eat are either

A) chocolate crinkles

B) molasses cookies (they sound gross but are actually really good. Think ‘melting like molasses in the clutches of her long lost parent’ molasses, not ‘the snail oozed forward as if made of molasses’ molasses)

C) Good ole chocolate chip

*A b c as easy as 1 2 3… *

But actually I just saw this recipe and picture for ‘hot chocolate cookies’ that are made to go with hot cocoa. The little baby marshmallows you put in these are so cute! I’ll have to try baking them (and hope that the kitchen doesn’t explode) and tell you guys what they’re like. If they taste like they look then these cookies = delicioso (thanks, Dora!).

Mmmmmm, so good looking. In a very long list of things that I like a ton, cookies rank a good solid 8th. My family seems to understand as we bake tons around Christmas, and they disappear almost as quickly as my Grandmother’s cheese rolls. And let me tell you that is world record worthy. We (I) gobble those cookies up faster than a herd of starved armadillos which is really bad for us (me) and gets us (me) in a lot of trouble with Grandma. Heh.

They are SO worth it though. So as you read this week in that fabulous little house of yours don’t forget to make yourself some yummy cookie-monster worthy hot chocolate and snuggle up good. Merry early Christmas from me to you as we both share heated chocolate in a glass! Although eating it without spilling it is a whole other cup of cocoa.

Hope you have luck finding gifts for all the people on your list, and a wonderful Christmas holiday! Enjoy!

Ehugs and Esquealing,

Your friendly neighborhood Ladyliterature

Love Lots. Read Bunches. Smile Big.


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