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The Infinity Dreams Award Tag :)

Hey guys! I found this great picture that represents the tag and I put it first with the other picture from the tag. There are a whole bunch but this one is just so pretty I had to use it. 🙂 I’m super excited to have been tagged to do this, so I’ll jump right in.

So the infinity dreams tag (I looked it up in all my nerdy glory), as far as I can tell, is this pawesome (did you just think of buildabear? because if you did I love you) tag that is this great sort of end of the year list that celebrates you and your blog. 🙂 Which is pretty awesome.

So, first I’m supposed to thank the blogger who nominated me.

Thank the blogger who nominated you

I was tagged by Emily at ForTheBookish who is both an amazing writer (she’s a novelist guys!) and blogerette. Emily you are seriously the best thing ever. Thank you thank you!

(Go check her out and subscribe!)

Ok, and then for the list of 11 things. Man. 11. Chews end of pencil.

Tell us 11 facts about yourself

  1. I eat considerably more chocolate and cheese than is healthy for a person. But I discovered when I was twelve that Pseudonymous Bosch, the author of my favorite book series at the time, is a chococheese aholic too and I have been unapologetic since.
  2. I have no appendix. Yup. It hit its teenage years in 2010 and rebelled against my stomach.
  3. I play the oboe, and have the awkwardly placed oboe-playing calluses to prove it.
  4. My favorite activity that my family has done was a zip lining jungle tour in Jamaica. There were these huge furry trees that we passed and I named them as we zipped by. I still have a picture next to George the 20th (there were a lot of trees). 🙂
  5. I have a younger brother named Parker. And an older cousin who is like a brother named Jarrett.
  6. I want to be a missionary when I get old enough. Or a writer. Or a missionary writer. (Is that a thing? It has to be a thing)
  7. I love the sound of rain on the roof at night. Falling asleep to that gentle pitter patter has always made me so happy.
  8. I have a stuffed sloth named Stocking.
  9. My favorite color has been green ever since I read the book ‘green’ by Laura Peyton Roberts. It was my first book love. I loved it so much in fact that I made my favorite color green in honor of it and it has been to this day.
  10. I used to pretend I as Jackie Paper from the song “Puff the magic dragon” and fly to pirate ships on my old bunkbed.
  11. I have a fascination with keys. Old keys, new keys, weird keys, bland keys…. the sensation of unlocking something makes me giddy.

What is your least favorite saying? I guess maybe ‘you are what you eat’ ? It always seemed like a really weird thing to say to me. We all know that we are humans: 90% water, 10% craziness, and eating some wheaties with strawberries isn’t going to change that. John the baptist ate locust and honey in the wilderness and he didn’t turn into a giant locust that spewed honey. So the saying makes no sense.

What is your favorite holiday and why? This is such a hard question! I love Easter because Jesus rising from the grave and saving us from our sin is the most important thing to celebrate of all. The most important thing ever. But I also love the holiday joy and spirit of Christmas. I think I’ll have to tie the two. 🙂

Where do you gain inspiration the most? PINTEREST. Pinterest pinterest pinterest the marvelous goddess of all things creative. Oh, and also from the awesomeness of storyboarding for books. I have been on a recent collage phase where any loose images get collaged into a pile and then taped on my room walls, so that’s been super helpful.

How long have you been blogging, and what got you to blog in the first place? I’ve been blogging since- goes to check- WOOAH. Since October 2014. So over a year now. I can’t believe that. The reason I started blogging is because of exceedingly ordinary reasons. I wasn’t faced with near death in a water buffalo stampede and decided to blog about my life from then on or anything unusual or exciting. But I did take this awesome creative writing class and was told by my teacher to blog about something I really loved. And I really love books. From there it morphed into something I enjoy, and here I am. 🙂

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Well,  I would love to go to the glowing caves in New Zealand (they are SO cool), or Hiller lake in Australia. Hiller lake is pink. PINK.


Nominate 11 bloggers

Well, I do have a few bloggers! Not quite eleven. But here they are. 🙂

I nominate LifeStrolls , Dori’s Tokyo Blog , Becky, BookReviews, and A Little Blog Of Books.

Thanks for reading!


Love Lots. Read Bunches. Smile Big.







2 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award Tag :)

  1. Yay! I’m so happy you did this. 🙂 I loved your answers. I think being a missionary writer sounds so amazing. I’m sure it’s a thing and if not, you can be the first!
    Also… were you scared to have your appendix taken out? My mom had hers removed when she was 12, and it’s kind of the same thing but the doctors keep telling me I need my tonsils taken out. My aunt had hers out when she was 9 but I’m such a scaredy-cat and don’t do blood or hospitals or removing body parts or anything of the sort. I get queasy thinking about it… no thank you. 😛


  2. That must have been really scary for her! Being little and in the hospital can be super frightening, especially when you have all the pain from appendicitis. I’m glad she’s safe and sound 🙂

    To answer your question, yes definitely! I was terrified. 🙂 I was 10 at the time and all of the doctors kept saying that if my appendix ruptured I could die without surgery which didn’t exactly make any of us more comfortable or at ease. God was super good though because my organs are all in weird places, so I didn’t have the same constant pain that most people have, that your poor mom probably had, which was a huge blessing. :).I think someday if I have time I’d like to go to the hospital and find someone else with appendicitis and tell them that it will be ok again. That they can get through it. I would have loved it if someone had done that when I was there.

    How about you? Do you think you’ll have your tonsils out anytime soon?


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