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Balls, Books, and Traveling

Hey everybody!

We’re heading back from our trip, and I thought I’d give an update on what’s been going on. I”m so sorry this is late! I’ve been in Ohio for the past four days with in-and-out internet access in a cabin. Sorry!

The Ball

Ok…. first up, the ball.

(heh heh. see what I did there?)

So this last monthish (I don’t remember when exactly) my good friend and I went to this ball with a dance class (its not really dance class as its more ‘homeschooler get together and try and dance’ class, but same idea. ya know) we’ve been taking for a while now. And it was alright. But seriously I was majorly disappointed in the ball arena. Thank you cinderella for ruining my expectations for balls.

I got into a really fancy dress and looked really nice and was wearing way too much perfume, and we got there and its in an armory. An armory. And everyone is wearing skirts and tops and not the poofy dresses I had pictured in my fantasy ball land dreams.

I was so sad. I had been picturing this fairyland esque castle with glowing turrets and magical lanterns floating down a hallway that led to a grand ballroom with a hundred people dressed in Victorian style clothing with stunning huge dresses and masks covering their faces and tuxedos and a huge full orchestra playing classics in the background.

But even as disillusioned as I was over the not-dreamland truth I decided to be ready just in case for the Prince Charming of the ball to sweep forward and be dashingly handsome and tall and kind. With gorgeous eyes. But Prince Charming missed his taxi… this time. 🙂 I only danced a couple times except for line dances (LINE DANCES), and it was mostly with my awesome friend Matthew who was super great and made sure I had a partner for the best songs. (thank you thank you Matthew).

So even though the ball wasn’t the starlit, royal castle, fairy prince singing a song about seeing the universe event that I had imagined in my crazy dreamy window staring, it was still very nice.

I had a nice time and met some great people. 🙂 Even if my dancing was less like Thumbelina and more like the stepsisters in Another Cinderella Story. (ok, not that bad) 🙂

(PS: Grand entrances are overrated. we arrived late and nobody stared at us.;))

Traveling to the mystical world of the North

We used to take a trip every other year or so up to Ohio to visit relatives, but recently we haven’t gone up at all. And we just took a trip this past week and weekend.

Ohio was great! We saw loads of relatives, including my cousins Andrew and Pete who are now 20 and 14, and are both super amazing. Andrew flies planes for a living and from what I hear is a really talented pilot, and Pete is the nicest guy you’ll meet. I had such a wonderful time, and it was so nice to reconnect with everyone, and play basketball and wii games with the cousins. We haven’t been to Ohio in 6 years so we were way overdue for a trip up, and everyone has grown at least 4 inches and is way more mature. I really miss the jump on the trampoline and make mud pies days. We used to do that a lot.

My Uncle George also gave me a beautiful lilac pen that he made himself and I shot a picture of it because I liked it so much, but I’m afraid of the internet crashing if I try to send too much to myself so I won’t upload it on here. But you can imagine it. It’s a honey color with fine grey grains running through it and a silvery top. I love it. I’m writing in my journal with it from now on.

Amazing Movies to watch over the holidays

My mom and I went extremely movie crazy this holiday season and watched a bucket load of awesome movies (Christmas themed and unchristmas themed alike). So here’s a great list for the few days left of vacation. Go and watch, movie buddies! 🙂

The 12 Dates of Christmas

Squeal. If you like Christmas, romance, and everything cute drive in and dive in to this heartwarming seasonal adorableness. It’s so so so cute and my mom and I loved catching all of the hidden stuff in it. (pay really close attention as you watch and comment if you see it!)

Kate and Miles have an instant bond even though Kate is sure at first that she won’t like him. And the way she lives out the other days she has to go through again is so sweet. She makes Miles cakes, and hangs lanterns on a tree in the part of a park he designed…. its so sweet. I fell in love with both of them.

And its on NETFLIX! This movie is absolutely one hundred percent perfect eep. You must go and watch it. 🙂


Sweetest. Movie. Ever. Between them both almost getting married to someone else, and missing each other so many times by only a second or two, this movie has you laughing and crying and pulling your hair out in anticipation all in one neat package. I love the way the main character Sara believes so much in her destiny that she’s willing to trust that if she and Jonathon are supposed to meet again they will.

The sparks between the two of these are amazing. They meet by chance after grabbing a pair of gloves at the same time and then they go get drinks at a coffee shop named Serendipity, and go ice-skating in a romantic park. I was cheering for them, and then sobbing when Sara left, and then yelling at them to wait when they pass each other. It was a very engaging movie.

And plus you have the added bonus of Sara’s potential husband Lars. Playing the Shenhai. With a music video. Ummm… yeah. You just have to watch to understand the bizarreness.


Alright, my mom and I didn’t actually watch this one yet this Christmas season, but I am going to in the next few days. Ghost is a classic in our family, and I always cry… every time I watch it. It’s so heartbreaking and romantic. Watching Patrick Swayze loving Molly and not being able to tell her or touch her is so horrible and incredible and it’s like reading Dear Mr. Knightley all over again because you feel so much you can’t keep it all straight.

This movie covers some heavy themes throughout the plot, although it’s mixed with humor and sweetness. Powerful things like loved one dying, revenge, and even a man who wants to kill his friend because she knows too much are present in the plot, and keep the action moving even as the ghost version of Sam is making your heart wrench. The themes are what bring this movie its character and depth in strength, and give it a timeless quality that you come to adore.

It has some awesome actors in it too. And I mean awesome.


Patrick Suave (I mean swayze heh) (and just him is worth watching the movie for)

Whoopi Goldburg (remember Sister Act? Ok, imagine sister act but even more super incredibly funny and you have Whoopi Golburg in this film)

Demi Moore (she voiced Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She was my hero growing up)

And Tony Goldwyn (he voiced TARZAN in the Tarzan Disney movie (It’s my favorite movie of all time) and he’s Andrew Prior in Divergent. He’s awesome)

I love this movie.

New books


So I recently finished a huge ton of books in one of my book binges where I devour every book within ten feet and then go a month not reading anything but the cereal box because I’m afraid of starting the cycle again.


Lunar Chronicles

lunar chronicles face

Oh man. Cress in the Lunar Chronicles series, along with all of the other marvelous, beautiful, perfect other books that Marissa Meyer wrote are my new favorites. I just finished reading all of these and I am in love with them so much. I read the entire huge series in a week. Which is really scary my friends. Really scary.

Cinder is the funniest, snarkiest, sarcasticist, lovablest human cyborg in the whole world, and I wanted no one else to be on the throne than her. She and Kai were so dang cute and I hugged my kindle to myself multiple times during her book. It was the best.

Scarlet had me laughing myself to tears, and her romance with Wolf was…. its hard to put into words how much I love them together and how much I love him and her and their relationship. They were wonderful together, and Wolf is so awesome. He’s just… awesome.


Cress. She’s on my all time favorite character list. I related to Cress so much, and I adored her spunk and creativity and sweetness. I think that all bookworms can appreciate the characters that are unlike us because they touch us in ways we weren’t expecting or haven’t thought of before, but the characters that are like us we truly bond with and live through in the story. Cress was my live-through character. I giggled at Scarlet’s antics, and Cinder’s sarcastic remarks, and Winter’s lovable childishness, but I treasured Cress and Captain Thorne in a way that I’ve never treasured two characters before. I felt like I could be Cress.

captain Thorne

Winter was wonderful. She tied the rest of the story up nicely, and she fit in with the cast of character well, which was an impressive feat by Marissa Meyers. Working with as large a cast as she had already and adding two new people into the mix smoothly makes her a super brilliant writer. She is really really talented. And Winter, both the character and the book, were the perfect finale for the series.

wk_2_thress_03_date_by_sorcaron-d874mcqcress singing opera

Supernaturals Series

This other series I also finished in a week is the bomb diggity on steroids. It has everything: action, witty quips, an epic heroine who can fight with magical powers. I loved it.

In the both the first book with Dani and the second book with Grace, I thought that the series really expressed the human range of emotions well. I liked in the second book how the anger and bitterness between Ethan and Grace morphs slowly, and it really flowed well. It can be hard to express emotions in writing sometimes, and Kelly Oram did a splendid job. Great going Mrs. Oram. 🙂

I was confused at first by the point of view change in the second book. And frustrated. I really wanted more of Gabe and Dani, and I was looking forward to it in the second book, but it was from another main character’s, Grace, perspective and she was so different from Dani. But the story is just so good that you have to keep reading. And I promise it is really worth it.

In the last book, Scion, I was again surprised by the point of view change. This time to Russ. I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about being jolted from head to head as the story progresses just as you get really attached to one, but again, Oram pulled it off. She just writes so well. It came together in a great climax and left room for way more, and now I can’t wait for another book. I’m really excited.

The dialogue in the books is especially wonderful, with clever comebacks and teasing or bickering done marvelously and not overdone or too repetitive, or any of the mistakes that some writers make with characters who have fast tongues. Kelly Oram nailed it on the head with her writing on this, and it kept me engaged and entranced by the story that she weaved.


Just a warning for younger eyes. In the first two books I was surprised by the amount of language, because in Kelly Oram’s book The Avery Shaw Experiment, my favorite by her until this series, there was very little. Just to give you a heads up.

Thank you so much for reading! I love you guys.

So this was sort of like a mega post of everything going on lately, so I’ll only do a short one on Thursday or Friday, and hope I haven’t gone on too long. I’ll see all of your lovely faces later!

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