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The Dread Pirate Midterm, and his trusty sidekick photoday

Hey everybody!

Urrrrr we just got our yearbook photos and individual photos back, and man am I frustrated. I tried so hard this year. So. Hard.

Every year since the seventh grade my pictures have been bad, and this year I decided to put an end to it. No more! I even mentally psyched myself up with a things-to-do chant “Shower. Makeup. Blue shirt. Shower. Makeup. Blue shirt.”

I did everything a heroine should- I made my teeth white and shiny, I smoothed my crazy curls, I put on some lip gloss.

But alas!

Maybe if the day hadn’t been humid, or I hadn’t spilled something on my shirt, or wasn’t in line next to this incredibly good looking guy, or even if I hadn’t woken up late things would have been different.

But then the photographer made us not wear jackets so I was super cold and I had forgotten that the shirt I was wearing underneath was sleeveless and I was supposed to wear sleeves, and my hair got blown around in the wind.

In the end I came out looking something like a medusa alien creature. It’s kind of funny actually. 😀 I’ll add it to the collection along with the ‘lion with streaky mascara’, the ‘forgot to wear makeup afro’, and the ‘are those leaves in that strange creature’s hair?’ pictures. My future husband need never see my yearbook. And all will be right in the world.

With all the pressure of picture day around school, we also have the midterms creeping up on us, closer and closer every day in their 14 page long quest to make high school student’s lives miserable.

Midterms, please please go back to the wonderful place you were before Christmas break. Please? With a cherry on top?

I’m still holding out that I’m going to find a book just like Kat did in The Ugly Stepsister  and be transported into a bookland with a beautiful magic kingdom and then fall in love. Yup. That’s my midterm study plan.

(See that blog post here if you haven’t read it)

Although plan A’s looking pretty solid at the moment (unfortunately strike that reverse it), I guess I better wrap this up so I can go and study for real.


See all of you lovely readers later!

Lady Literature

Love Lots. Read Bunches. Smile Big.


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