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So many books so little time

So as you all know I am in love with the world of literature- everything from plays (ah, the remarkable snazzypants Shakespeare), poems, movies, photos, and books to the dark side of the force…. I mean literary world, with all of those baking, crafting, and home ec people that make me crazy with envy because my latest homely creation was rice that turned into the ooze monster of doom. Literally.

As is the great literary battle of all bloggers (and blogerettes, represent!), the great question looms over the heads of all smelling like procrastination and distraction, the infamous:

“What Shall I Write About?”

Usually I’m just blogging my little workout yoga pants off at my desk about whatever book I’ve read most recently (like 20 at the moment) and although this typically works (heh, who am I kidding), it hasn’t today because man oh man I read 6 books that I haven’t blogged about and I just can’t choose one. You ever have the feeling that books are like people? Well, I’m pretty sure my books are having a mini feud at the moment over who should be first, and choosing one over the other is like choosing a favorite anything- pretty darn impossible.

There is also an enormous stack of books that need to be read looming over my head like the book mafia, but I’m bleeding poor Oinkster (my imaginary piggy bank that I don’t actually have but always wanted [I BELIEVE IN YOU OINKSTER!]) dry of funds with my reading binge of late, and I need to cut back until I earn more money. Or go to the library. So…. most likely go to the library.

Too many books to blog about! If I had all the time in the world and wasn’t distracted by some minor** outside activities (school, chores, eating, bathing, etc…)

**sidenote: my mom thinks I need to redefine minor

then I wouldn’t have this problem, but alas my teachers seem to believe that reading and writing is not enough and that knowledge about adding, the history of the world, and how science works are important. 😀 And…. they would be right. But reading I love you!

At this time in my life I’m thinking about a career and what I want to do for a job, and I know I want it to include reading and writing so they are definitely critical to my future just like math and science, but I’m just not sure what to do with them yet which makes it hard to know what to train for. I mean there’s way way too many options.

Between all of the hard work we put in at school and jobs and our hobbies and friends, its hard to get anything done! Which is why I love summer and its endless opportunities. Glorious summer of sunshiney goodness, thank the imaginary writing gods for your showering of blogging and job hunting time. I’ll be waiting for you in my indecisive book choosing.

Hang in there all my fellow bloggers as we answer the universal blogging questions together and strive for not upsetting any books in our quest for wonderful blogdom. I can’t wait to see what all of you do this summer. 🙂

See you next time, reader!

Lady Literature



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