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Princess of Athelia- Novella


This book was SO so so so good. Sort of like a favorite movie you like to re-watch 400 times because you still get the warm fuzzies.

I fell in love with this book like an old friend: it was immediately a new favorite, and as I can’t wait for the next book in the Ugly Stepsister series, this novella was exactly what I needed.


Goodreads summarizes it as:

“Kat has now moved into the palace, determined to make the most of her time with her beloved prince. Being princess, however, is no bed of roses. She must learn how to behave like a royal, prepare for the upcoming engagement, and defend herself against hostile relatives. And knowing that her time with Edward is limited, Kat isn’t so certain that she wants to be princess anymore…”

Kat’s your ordinary modern gal, complete with equal rights beliefs, and used to immediate answers for any problem- thanks to modern day things like the i n t e r w e b s. When the hard and heavy of actually being a princess hits her, she’s shocked by the weight of the crown.

I absolutely adore her for what she does next though: she keeps on going. Too many people give up when things get hard, but Kat stays by Edward, and loves him, even though she knows she has to leave. She even tries to give him options of other women, which he blatantly refuses, appalled at the thought of loving anyone but her.

This novella was so wonderful (with tons of Edward and Kat moments), and since we all know how much I love this series-….. I’ll be honest. I read it through in one sitting. It was a novella, sure, but it was still around two hours to read. And… yes I know. Its seriously unhealthy how fast I devour books.


My favorite bit about Kat is- she’s just so human. (But ladyliterature all girls are human). Yes yes fake literal me. What I mean is that Kat makes tons of mistakes throughout the books. She flings wine on a noblemen in a fit of anger, she goes to help children in a workhouse when she sees their conditions, regardless of the impropriety, she isn’t sure how to finish the story so she ends up making things worse. Normal things that happen to normal people when they’re stuck by goblin kings in alternate worlds that are fairy kingdoms.

The novella is only 99 cents on amazon (ahh, lovely far too easy to use amazon) and well worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Lady Literature


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