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Writing Inspiration- Storyboards For Books

As you all may know, I’m a writer. I write write write, get in a slump, read, drink coffee, and then write some more. My most recent writing trick is this awesome brainstorming strategy called “Inspiration Boarding”, where you put a collage of pictures that go along with your book that inspire you.

I love this concept, because to me books are filled with all sorts of colors- they are really a form of art with words- and what palette you use to paint your story is important.

Is it a lighthearted adventure novel? A true story of a girl who saved someone’s life? A magical fantasy series?

Every book has a flavor and color to it, and inspiration boarding has really helped me grow as a writer in what I want my story to give my readers, and what I want them to feel.

My most recent novel that I’m writing – Adventures of an Accidental Pirate– I did an inspiration board for and I’m so thrilled with how much it helped. 🙂

I hope it helps you too!

Here’s mine with the back cover copy of my book:

Accidental Pirate Inpsiration board

“A laughably clumsy street urchin with the worst luck you’ve ever seen. A dashing ship hand. A smelly pirate. And a bird who always manages to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Poor Bells has tried everything. She’s been a wash maid, a turnip picker, a knot tyer, and worst so far- a foot scrubber. Desperate for a way to escape her miserable life as a starving beggar, she tongue ties her way into a job on The Pursuit, a handsome trade ship, and into a chance for a better life. Or so she thought. As pirates ransack the Pursuit‘s goods, and she and her new friend Silver find themselves trapped below deck as prisoners, she discovers the traders life isn’t all she thought it was, and that sometimes being yourself is the hardest job of all.”

Here are some other examples:

If you write, send me your inspiration boards, or just pictures that inspire you! I love hearing from other writers and readers, and I can’t wait to see what you find.

Thanks for reading,

Lady Literature



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