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Hello everyone! Welcome to my review of Inside Out.

I have no idea if the volcano short played in every theater before Inside Out, but it played in mine. And it was the most hilarious short I have seen in years. I went to see Inside Out with a group of friends and we were all giggling in the back row and singing, ‘I lava you’ the rest of the movie.

If you haven’t seen it, it is an absolute must watch. (Who doesn’t love singing volcanoes who are madly in love?)

(The clip above is only a small section of the video. I couldn’t find the whole thing since you aren’t allowed to have all of it without rights, but you can go and listen to the whole song on youtube. )

Alright, so Inside Out. 

When my good friend invited me to go and see Inside Out with I was pretty darn excited. Not in my usual geeky way that typically ends with us both shouting, “AHHHHHH THOR-IRONMAN-MARVEL-SUPERHERO-LOVE WE ARE SUCH EPIC GEEKS-AND-WE-CAN’T-CARE-CAUSE-LOKI”, but a much more reserved and mature way.

Step 1: Replace all marvel terminology with Disney terminology

Step 2: Scream slightly less

Step 3: Maturity!

(I should teach a class on maturity guys. seriously.)

So after we’re all settled in with our popcorn, drinks, and snacks and we’ve watched the side splitting ‘lava you’ short (*psssst* go watch it) , the movie begins. Lights all the way down dramatic music up.

So the movie starts off nicely, following the main character at a climactic time in her life where she is moving from one house to another (if you’ve never moved take it from me moving=stressss). The plot revolves around the emotions inside this girl, whose name is Riley, that are portrayed as people at a control panel in her head.The concept for this movie alone is very intriguing; what would it be like if emotions were alive and helping us? I’ve met so many people that have seen it that love this take on feelings. I agree. Good job Pixar!

As the story progresses the characters are likable and the plot is decent. I’ll attempt to not tell you too much about it so that I don’t spoil it. What I will talk about is the way it takes a fairly dark turn.

Joy and Sadness get lost (that’s not a spoiler since it happens in the first 20ish minutes) in Riley’s memory banks and can’t help to control her emotions. So Riley starts acting strange and unusual, eventually (cover your eyes if you haven’t seen it!) losing ‘all emotion’ and running away. Did that feel abrupt to you in word form? It was pretty abrupt in movie form too, or it felt like it to me.

At the end of the movie in true Disney fashion it all works out better than before. Riley’s happy, and the emotions are working together. But the climax of the movie is incredibly sad and depressing, and frightening for children and parents alike. My young cousin told me it was a sad movie and not to go see it. At the beginning I thought the main character was Joy. By the end I agreed with my cousin. I knew that the story was really about Sadness. Pixar goes into lots of interesting question. What it means to mix emotions. What it means to be sad. What makes a person themselves. It’s got a lot of pretty deep and weighty topics for a kid’s movie.

I would rate Inside Out a 3 out of 5 stars. It was thought provoking certainly. And fairly entertaining. But it was also a sad movie. I was unhappy for a majority of it (despite the ‘lava you’ renditions), which was not what I was expecting or wanting.

Thanks for reading,

Lady Literature.

Write well. Love lots. Read bunches.


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