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Quick Quotes Thursday


Hey everybody, Lady Literature here with this weeks Quick Quote. The time of the show where Lady Literature comes out and quotes a great book.

Welcome back my friends and fellow readers! Prepare to be dazzled… amazed… astounded. Struck down in an outpouring of marvel flying at you on wings of words.

(Note to LLians: Read the followin’ in an Scottish accent)

“When a man turns to look at himself, that moment the glow of the loftiest bliss begins to fade; the pulsing fire-flies throb paler in the passionate night; an unseen vapour steams up from the marsh and dims the star-crowded sky and the azure sea; and the next moment the very bliss itself looks as if it had never been more than a phosphorescent gleam — the summer lightning of the brain.” – Narrator, The Baronet’s Song

This quote comes from one of my favorite books, ‘The Baronet’s Song’ by George Macdonald. Here he is talking about how Gibbie, the main character, is feeling blissful. He stated earlier in the story that Gibbie never thinks of himself, and so he explains how Gibbie can be blissful without looking to himself. I loved the way MacDonald, a Scott, wrote the rolling hills and lilting speech. I was captivated from the first “Laddie”.

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see your lovely faces next time!

Write well. Love lots. Read bunches.


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