Quick Quotes Thursday

(As a preface, I am truly sorry for not posting this Thursday’s quick quote. I have been helping a family member clean her house and I didn’t find the time to write it. MANY APOLOGIES.)

Hey everybody! Lady Literature here.

This week’s quick quote comes from the “The Man Of The Desert”, by Grace Livingston Hill. This is a fantastic, sweet, and blessedly long book with striking imagery. I was so envious- as a writer -reading Hill’s style; its marvelously spun. I spent almost as much time wishing I could write that well as I did reading the story.

The quote is from page 150 of the book, and it is about the main character Brownleigh, who is missing his mother who just died. I thought that this scene where he grieves is exceptional and emotional. Good job Grace Livingston Hill for such an evocative scene.

“Alone upon the desert at last, the three great mesas like fingers of a giant hand stretching cloudily behind him; the purpling mountains in the distance; the sunlight shining vividly down over all the bright sands; the full sense of his loss came at last upon him, and his spirit was bowed with the weight of it.” – Brownleigh; The Man Of The Desert

Hill’s writing truly takes you on a magical ride into the world of her story. Makes you feel immersed in the golden glow of the desert during sunset, doesn’t it? Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for reading. Until next time lovely viewers!

Write Well. Love Lots. Read Bunches.


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