Creepy Hollow Series – YES!

Hey everyone! Lady Literature here!

So, just to start off…. Yes, I know I didn’t post this on Monday. Yes, I know that it is a disgrace to my name as a timely blog poster. And yes, I know that this is upsetting. But I was just so busy! Honest!

(“Busy!” you all cry in outrage. “You’re going with that flimsy excuse?”)

Flimsy, but true! I had to help my Grandmother with her things.

(“Hah!” You all scoff in contempt. “Grandmother’s things my thumb.”)

Fine. Don’t believe me.

The book series I’m reviewing today is a compilation of books 1-3 in the Creepy Hollow series by Rachel Morgan. After Morgan wrote the originals, she began writing another set about Ryn’s half sister Calla. I will only be reviewing the originals today. The series starts with The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1)


The Faerie Guardian is about a kickbutt faerie named Violet Fairdale who is training to become a guardian at a Guild. The guild acts as a school that trains new “police” for the human and fae worlds. On one of her jobs in the human world, the person Violet is sent to protect can see her, which should be impossible. The boy, Nate, then follows her into her world, and begins hanging around her. Things get crazy after Violet refuses to give Nate the  forget potion like she was ordered to (this is because humans can’t know about fae), and then fae show up wanting to kill him.

The book is awesome, and the heroine is spunky and relatable in a very faerie-who-can-back flip-and-fight-bad-guys kind of way. I loved Violet so much by the end of the book, and I was teary eyed when I put it down. I felt like I had lost a new friend.

The second book is called The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow #2). This book is about Violet and Ryn’s graduation from their guild school. When they tie for first place in ranking, both go to the head of the guild; the Seelie Court, as their prize. While they are at the Seelie Court Ryn and Violet start to rethink that their rivalry in the past, and you see their friendship blossom into something more (Note my avoidance of the word romance and subsequent replacement with other wordage. I promise I don’t try to pick romances! It just happens. Besides, it isn’t romance. Just something more. Heh.). Their worlds are thrown into chaos again after they return home to find that fae are being kidnapped by the Unseelie Court Prince. A new evil (Wahahaha!) appears as storms begin brewing in the east, telling of a coming battle creeping closer each day. Draven. The name of the evil circulates through the last pages.

Book 2 was my favorite in the series, though that is difficult to say because each one of them was so great. The thrilling action mixed with the character development seemed tangible and emotional, and it always had me coming back for more.

The third book is called The Faerie War (Creepy Hollow #3). This book revolves around the ruins left when Draven, an evil fae with the ability to control weather, takes over the fae world. Violet was accidentally the cause of some horrific events that led up to his enthronement, and she blames herself for them, taking a forget potion on the last pages of the second book because she because she can’t handle the guilt and the pain. This part originally made me frustrated because I couldn’t believe strong Violet would take the potion, but it made sense as you went through the book. Violet then awakens into a repticilla camp, and works with Repticilla fae while she doesn’t have any memory of her previous life. Throughout the majority of the book Violet is with the Repticilla against Draven; helping them build up an army. Violet and Ryn finally reunite later in the book, and work together to stop Draven.

Book 3 was an excellent and climactic end to the series. I have high praise for all three books; twists, turns, laughs, and tears await behind the cover. I hope you’ll take the time to read it.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Creepy Hollow series, the link is below:


As always, whether you agree or not, thanks for reading. Until next time!

Write Well. Love Lots. Read Bunches.


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