Beastly Charm: A Contemporary Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast – YES

Beastly Charm ImageHey everybody! Lady Literature here.

This Monday’s book is called ‘Beastly Charm: A Contemporary Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast’, by Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole. This book is a fabulous retelling of the classic tale with witty and realistic characters that sweep you off you’re fictional feet.

By the end of the book I absolutely adored Sebastian and Belle together. They were so ridiculously cute! The other secondary characters like Alistair the butler and Peter the former fiance were great too, but I felt like the plot really revolved around Sebastian and Belle.

The story is about this young real estate agent named Belle, who is engaged to her coworker named Peter. She is desperate to buy and sell a property called Rosewood Manor, which Sebastian owns, because of a deal her boss has offered her. After the butler for the manor hangs up on their planned telephone meeting, she drives out to the manor in a blizzard to try and get him to talk about the deal. Belle is sick at the time with flu and she does a poor job trying to convince him to sell the property, ending the talk in an argument where she drives away back into the blizzard. During her hasty retreat, Belle wrecks her car and passes out from the combined flu and wreck concussion. Sebastian follows her and finds the car; taking her back to the mansion.

Eventually they work out a deal for Belle to stay and see if she can convince Sebastian to sell Rosewood manor, during which time they romantically fall for each other (sighs dreamily). I won’t want to tell you anything more than that because it would spoil the book, so you’ll just have to read it to find out the rest.

I highly recommend this book to teens, and fellow hopeless romantics, who are looking for a good summer read. It’s light and fun and entertaining, and I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it.

If you would like to purchase a copy of  Beastly Charm, the link is below:


Thanks for reading!


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