Alex Rider – NO

Hey everybody! Lady Literature here.

Today’s first ever ‘NO’ book is the moderately well-known Alex Rider series, by Anthony Horowitz.

Perhaps you’re asking, on the other side of this screen – “But Lady Literature, that looks like a good book! What did it do to deserve your ire?”. If you are asking that, then I will attempt explain my dislike for the series, so grab your seat belts, hold on tight, and prepare for a LL rant.

When I first began reading this book series, I was intrigued. The characters were funny, the plot was genuine, and I felt a connection with Alex; the relaxed heroine who gets roped into his uncle’s spy business. However, as the series progressed along its arc I felt more and more frustrated and furious with the author. The protagonist Alex slowly drifts away from his morals and becomes corrupt and selfish: he even LEAVES the spy institute where so many of the people and things you care about in the series are located to become a rogue (sorry about the spoilers). People you like are killed off when they don’t need to be, Alex’s entire internal dialogue is that of a thoughtless killer, and the plot lines revolve around more bloodshed than story. There was a total of 7 books, and by the end of them, I was ready to charge up to Horowitz’s front door and tell him how angry I was at him for ruining what could have been a really great book series.

So, for those of you out there who saw the intriguing cover, or watched the movie (which was actually really good, despite the books) and wanted to read the series – my advice is: don’t. Maybe you’ll enjoy the first book. Maybe you’ll even enjoy the second. But it isn’t worth watching Alex do things his character never should, and losing the people you love to die horrific and unnecessary deaths.

Don’t waste your precious time reading it!

As always, whether you agree or not, thanks for reading.

Write Well. Love Lots. Read Bunches.


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