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UnEnchanted- YES!

Hi everybody! Lady Literature here.

UnEnchanted is a fantastic series about a young girl named Mina Grime. Mina was cursed at birth with a spell that was passed to her from her ancestors. She has to defeat all 200 tales written by her ancestors: Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm (her last name is actually Grimm, but her mom changed it).

Mina is thrown into a completely different life, one controlled by The Story, an evil sentient being, which creates and adapts the Grimm stories to make them work in the modern world. But Mina can’t involve her friends without getting them hurt, and she can’t trust herself to act rationally during the stress of stories. Can Mina really overcome all of the stories without dying like her father and uncle? Can she find a way to balance her new story life with her old one, and manage to keep her friends along the way? Or will the story divide them and use them for its evil purpose….

UnEnchanted has an incredible plot, above average writing, and a fun, interesting story. Chanda Hahn also has a knack for writing excellent characters, with layers to their personalities, and lots of depth. I think that this series, and perhaps Hahn’s Iron Butterfly series, are definite must reads for teenage girls.

The fast pace is exciting for teenagers and adults both, and the writing does justice for readers of lots of levels. This book series is another one of my favorites, on the list with Harry Potter and Cinderella. You can’t help but fall in love with all the characters that Chanda Hahn writes: they’re just too likable!

If you would like to purchase a copy of Unenchanted, the link is below:

Thanks for reading!


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