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Words of Radiance- YES

Hi everybody! Lady Literature here.

So, this week’s book is called The Way of Kings, which is by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson has won many awards for his outstanding work over the years, and even had a hand writing in Robert Jordan’s final book in his popular “The Wheel Of Time” series.

This book is 1000 pages long, so if you’re not up for a long read…. skip this one. I highly recommend any of Brandon Sanderson’s books (Mist-born, The Reckoners), as they are all teen friendly and excellent reads.

The Way of Kings is about the different intersecting stories of 3 characters: Shallan Davar, Dalinar Kholin, and Kaladin Stormblessed. Each of these stories intertwine with the others eventually, but when you first starting the book you have to be willing to adapt to multiple characters and points of views.

Shallan Davar is a young lady from the failing Davar household. Her father had wasted the majority of their money; and he has made many enemies with his coarse behavior, becoming involved in nefarious dealings with a group that is outrightly evil . To try to pay off her family’s debt and restore honor to house Davar, Shallan travels to Jah-Keved where she can apprentice under a famous scholar. And steal one of her possessions.

Dalinar Kholin is the brother of the assassinated king. He is middle age, and commands the armies on the Shattered plains, while he fights the Parshendi who he blames for murdering his brother. This subplot switches between his viewpoint and his two son’s viewpoints.

The last subplot is Kaladin Stormblessed, who is the closest thing the books have to a ‘main character’, as his chapters occur slightly more frequently than the others. In the end though, all of the stories are written with a fairly equal delegation.

Kaladin is a warrior who gets sold into slavery by the his general in the war. He comes into the story dealing with a troubled past. His younger brother Tien is dead because of what are known as Light-Eyes (a light-eyes is similar to a government official in Storm light), and he hates all light-eyes as a result, feeling that they as a whole are corrupt, and believing that trusting them led to Tien’s death. Eventually he is sold into Dalinar’s army, and becomes a bridge-man. Bridge-men are slaves (or soldiers who commited crimes) that have been sold into the army. They are forced to run in front of the army and place bridges between large chasms in the plains so that the army can run across.

The story was one of the most extraordinarily well written book I have ever read. It is a fantastic, thrilling, long, and satisfying read. Check it out!

If you would like to get  a copy of this book, the link is the following:

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Words of Radiance- YES

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  2. Thank you very much for the link! I looked at some of your posts on your web-log, and they were well written and entertaining. Good job, and thanks again.


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