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The Cinderella series- YES!

Hi everybody!

This is my first blog book review, and I’m going to start with one of my favorite book series: the Cinderella trilogy by Kae Elle Wheeler. My aim is to help you pick out all sorts of interesting books to read, because I know how good books can become lifelong friends.

If you want to get a copy of the Cinderella series after you read this post, you can buy all three books here

If the shoe fits, you should wear it…. right? In this unique spin on the classic Cinderella tale, Kae Wheeler brings excitement and speed together to create a masterful book. The series begins with “The wronged princess”, which focuses on Cinderella and her stepsister Esmeralda. When the slipper Cinderella loses at the ball fits Esmeralda, will things turn out right in the end for both of them? This book has fantastic writing, lots of action, and a heartwarming romance, which earns it a place on my list of great books. Although as a disclaimer, if you’re not one for romance this is not the book for you.

The second book is called “The unlikely heroine”, and it focuses on the other stepsister: Priscilla. This book was my least favorite in the series, although it was still well written. The focus-point in this book was my problem, as it is definitely a stronger ‘romance’ novel with a  focus on the new characters Priscilla and Arnold. I don’t read any books with older
content, but this book is more focused on romance.

The third book, “The surprising enchantress”, was my favorite in the series. Even though I wish Kae Wheeler was writing more  about the sisters, she did a good job wrapping everything up with this book. The surprising enchantress is Esmeralda’s story of finding true love and saving the kingdom. It was also nice to see how the other characters tied in, and were written into the storyline.

Thanks for reading!


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